Vicky WilliamsTippy Toes Natural Nails Salon and Spa, Inc. offers the highest quality of Nail Services on the market today. I am excited to let you know that when you come to our salon you will be greeted by aromatic fragrances that will tickle your nose and give you a comfortable feeling. Please explore my website to see all of the unique services that Tippy Toes Offers and what tickles your fancy.

We are an “Acrylic Free” nail salon so be assured that “there are no fumes in our rooms”. We are proud of that fact, and like to stress that point to our clients who may be expecting, or have asthma, or any other medical concern, we feature “IONIC” fans that clean the air continuously, to assure that our clients have a pleasurable and safe environment.

We also pride ourselves in our “pipeless Whirlpool” pedicure chairs with comfortable Berkline seating and a 6 roller shiatsu massaging system. These chairs don’t jiggle you around they actually give you a deep penetrating back massage that you won’t forget. A great stress reliever for the entire back. Our Pedicure chairs are special because the jets are not powered by pipes, they have a motor that turns the jets. This means the spa will drain 100% of the time ensuring you a sanitized pedicure every time. Pedicure chairs that have pipes to circulate the water will leave some water in the pipes creating a breading ground for bacteria. This contaminated water will recirculate when the water is filled into the spa, when the next client is getting their pedicure they could possible get a staff infection. That has given pedicures a bad reputation. You can rest assured that each client will get a clean pedicure each and every time at Tippy Toe’s. We clean our pedicure tubs with Hospital Grade Germicide, strong enough to kill the HIV Virus.

So sit back and relax, we will do the rest. Now please continue to browse our Website. We will be waiting to meet and treat you at Tippy Toes Natural Nails Salon and Spa. See you soon.


Prices subject to change without prior notice.